6 Habits that make your Recovery Faster After Teeth Extraction

Best Habits for Recovery Faster After Teeth Extraction

Dental issues can trigger pain. It is better to seek dental treatment from experts to manage the problem. Experts use modern tooth extraction techniques that may cause less pain. However small, tooth extraction can cause trauma to your body. So, you need to look after oral health carefully until the wound heals fully. Here are six habits for faster recovery.

1. Keep The Gauze In Place

Leave the gauze the dentist has placed over the wound. Follow the instructions by the dentist on removing the gauze. In normal cases, a clot forms after two hours of the extraction process that stops the bleeding.

2. Take Rest

You need to take a rest for faster recovery. Avoid physically straining activities for at least a day. Activities raising your pulse can increase the risk of opening the wound again.

3. Avoid Touching The Wound

While you can feel strangeness due to the newly created wound. But, you need to resist the urge to feel the wound with your fingers or tongue. Such actions can cause dislodging of vital blood clots that can delay recovery or develop serious infections.

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4. Take Painkillers

Your dentist may have recommended a painkiller. Take them as suggested by your dentist to prevent dosing problems. Avoid blood thinners such as aspirin that slow down clotting and prevents healing. To ease swelling keep an ice pack outside the cheek.

5. Avoid Certain Things

Chemicals in cigarettes can delay healing. Drinking alcohol can slow down clot formation. So, avoid them for faster healing. Your mouth may taste bad after the extraction process. But, avoid using mouthwash. Mouthwash contains alcohol. Also, the action of rinsing and spitting can cause the wounds to open. It can delay healing.

6. Eat Carefully

Stick to soft foods as it avoids the need to chew the food. Avoid foods of hard or chewy texture until the wound heals. Also, sip drinks having room temperature to prevent the dissolving of clots or other uncomfortable signs. Your dentist will recommend liquids for the first 24 hours after the tooth extraction. You can opt for smoothies to promote healing and prevent dehydration. Avoid hot and cold drinks for a while.

If you follow the steps suggested by the dentist, you can see wound healing within a week. For most people, the discomfort remains only for 24 hours. If you experience uncomfortable symptoms for more than a day, contact your dentist for further advice. To make sure your dental procedure goes without a hitch, you need to seek the assistance of an expert. Pt. Chevalier Family Doctor offers you the best dental care. The dental clinic in Auckland provides you exceptional service without any delay. A team of expert dentists works along with the patients to improve oral health and hygiene. The use of sophisticated tools for different cosmetic procedures will ensure the best results.


All patients can have a confident smile while enjoying a better quality of life. Access to sophisticated tools with the latest technology for dental procedures will ensure safe and comfortable dental care. The highly qualified team with experience is committed to understanding your dental concerns. They offer solutions that will exceed the expectations with high-quality, personalized dental care.